The Pursuit of Ethics

"...if poaching is your most promising option in terms of being rewarded with new customers, you may need to take another look at your business model and planning..."

Pay Your Staff to Go Away

Maybe fewer than before, but there are still many professionals in the workforce who pride themselves on being hard workers and committed to the job. Certainly these employees are deserving of your praise and appreciation. One way many managers are showing their gratitude, is by paying those employees to go away. That's right. Many companies … Continue reading Pay Your Staff to Go Away

Don’t become your own critical setback

Serial entrepreneur Christiane Lemieux, Founder/CEO of Cloth & Company, says it is best for small companies to be okay with pivoting fast, early and hard. Change is inevitable, especially when running a business. When you note a glitch in your system, or hit a roadblock in the course of following your plan, as a business … Continue reading Don’t become your own critical setback